Five Mouth-Watering Films For Foodies (WGTC)

A feature for We Got This Covered, discussing films that use food to convey a wide variety of themes and ideas, to great effect.


Five Great Films The Explore Our Relationship With Technology (WGTC)

A feature for We Got This Covered, discussing the popularity of the ‘humans and technology’ theme in film.

Film Review: ‘About Time’

A tightly paced, laugh-out-loud, genuinely moving, time-travel movie? It’s About Time.

This is a film whose marketing campaign does it a great disservice. From the ripe-for-satire, ‘giggling-in-the-rain’ poster, to the emphasis on the casting of ‘big name actress’ Rachel McAdams, right down to the invocation of the spectres of Four Weddings And A Funeral  (1994) and Love Actually (2003) – the promotional team for this movie seem to have their minds on something else entirely. Not even the trailer does it justice. Continue reading