My New Series On Channillo

I recently launched a new series on This is a literary series website, that is also a subscription service. $4.99 per month (or £3.27) let’s you subscribe to up to 10 series of your choice – and there is quite a wide range available.

I just launched my first series on there:

Feminist Flicker

and I’d be grateful if you would check out the preview.

I will soon be launching a second series on there – this time on the subject of mental health. “Odd Socks” will take the form of book chapters, released quarterly, detailing my own experience of Borderline Personality Disorder. It will be autobiographical, interspersed with chapters setting out my understanding if the illness, it’s co-morbid conditions, the ways they intersect, and effective management techniques.

I’ll be working on those series in addition to this blog, and other websites.

Watch this space for further updates…

Ladies And Gentlemen: 20 Great Movie Speeches (WGTC)

Ever notice how, in lists of great movie speeches, most of those featured are the ones performed by white men? The greatest movie speeches are works of art in their own right – the product of many filmmaking elements coming together to create a unique and powerful moment. But, there are so many more to appreciate than the standard ‘white dude monologues’ that are most often cited as examples.

This was a team feature at We Got This Covered, but I wrote the introduction, all the female entries, plus the entry about Samuel L Jackson’s bit at the end of Pulp Fiction (that’s the intro + 11 of the 20 entries).!bAuPgQ

News Flash

Dear Readers,

In a small, positive change to my archive, I will no longer be making my articles and features available through the online entertainment magazine, ‘Emag’.

Instead, those pieces that had previously appeared on that external site will gradually be re-formatted and added here – enabling you to read them directly, without having to ‘click through’ to somewhere else. 

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Myles