About Sarah Myles

Sarah Myles is a freelance writer. Originally from London, she now lives in North Yorkshire with her husband, two children and a cat.

Sarah’s work has featured in publications ranging from The Dalesman Magazine to Film International. She also blogs for the online mental health magazine, Mental Healthy, and is a Contributing Author for We Got This Covered.com and Parents-Space.


6 thoughts on “About Sarah Myles

  1. Sarah,
    It’s been enjoyable reading your blog – you have a gift for creating imagery with words. I have my own blog about BPD and may link to you in one of my future posts if that is ok. My views on BPD are unconventional and different from yours, but your writing has still been useful for me.
    – Edward

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Edward. I’m glad you enjoy my work, and am more than happy for you to link to it at any time.

      I look forward to reading your own blog, as I strongly believe it is differing perspectives that move us forward.
      – Sarah

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